Do I Really Need To Make This Statement On Gun Control?

In wake of the recent school shootings in Parkland, I have nothing new to add here. The rift between generally pro-second amendment America s and the NRA agenda is increasingly obvious. It’s unfortunate that I do feel the need to make this brief statement on gun control, which I imagine most of Montgomery County agrees is a given.

No, guns do not belong in schools.

No, we do not need “thoughts and prayers,” we need legislation.

Denying you access to an assault rifle does not violate your freedom as an American (though I would say, denying you access to purchase marijuana does, because marijuana does not kill people.) On that note, do second amendment radicals interpret the right to bear arms as a way to defend themselves against their own government equally as paranoid about stealth bombs, drone strikes, undercover assassins…?

Is it really that unreasonable to treat gun ownership the same way as one would a drivers license? As in, one has to pass a test that shows basic cognitive ability and competency in operating such a weapon?

Once more to state the obvious – Exactly how far gone is the NRA? Once about gun safety and responsible gun ownership, I now see no other agenda besides “BUY MORE GUNS!!!”

Trump appears to be all over the place on this issue. First he promotes arming teachers, then he proposes a comprehensive gun control policy that would make even some Democrats happy. The hardline NRA loyalists, however, propose essentially turning schools into war zones by arming teachers, because, you know, it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. Naturally, your algebra teacher is a well-trained sniper who can obviously take out the bad guy by surprise, if only he/she was allowed concealed carry.

I end this stating the obvious with a look at the World Peace and Unity Sanctuary in Pennsylvania that held a wedding ceremony with AR15s and blesses the rifles as a God-given right of its followers.

I do not need to begin to comment on the absurdity of this. All I can say is: imagine if it were a mosque?

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