Marc and Larry: Two Adults Trying to Make a Deal.

Meet Marc and Larry.

They want to fix traffic. Marc has an idea – Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on major roads, and reversible lanes on I-270. Larry wants to widen 270 and the Beltway and add toll lanes.

Larry knows the state budget and common conventions of urban and suburban traffic. Marc knows the layout of Montgomery County’s land and where widening a highway would be problematic (or impossible) because of homes, waterways, and bridges.

Speaking of bridges, Marc also wants to fix the American Legion Bridge, the source of major Beltway bottlenecks. Larry is listening.

Marc and Larry disagree on a lot of things. But they are listening to each other. They are listening to their constituents. They want to fix traffic.

Marc and Larry also have an orange-faced neighbor named Donald.

Donald wants to build a wall. A big, beautiful Wall.

Donald promised Mexico would pay for the Wall. Mexico said no.

Donald wants his Wall. Donald asked Chuck and Nancy if he could pay for the Wall with Your Taxes. Chuck and Nancy said no.

Donald cried on Twitter. Chuck and Nancy offered some money for border security in a form other than a concrete Wall. Donald doesn’t want to play without his favorite toy.

Donald cried on Twitter. He wants his Wall. He wants his toys, and he wants to pay for them with Your Taxes. But Americans are losing money. The government is still unfudned, and 800,000 Americans are losing paychecks. Some of them may even lose their jobs. These Americans aren’t spending money. American shops and restaurants are losing business. Americans don’t even want to travel and fly on planes that aren’t inspected and don’t have TSA security.

But Donald doesn’t care, he wants his Wall!

People disagree with Donald. Donald calls them Fake News. Donald calls them Haters and Losers.

Donald does not listen to Chuck and Nancy. Donald doesn’t listen to anyone. Donald is not an adult, like Marc and Larry.

Donald needs a nap. Donald needs a time out. Donald needs his phone taken away. Because every morning, at 5am, he shares his Trumpertantrums to the world on Twitter. Tantrums he has because he’s scared.

Donald is scared. Donald knows it’s Mueller Time.

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