Coming Soon: 2020 Candidates

I was this close to titling this blog entry “2020 Visions” but I decided it was far too cringeworthy a cliche to even use mockingly.

Taking a step beyond Montgomery County for a few weeks – a step so far as to venture six miles down the road to the White House – I’ll be considering some of the candidates for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

Spoiler alert: I am undecided. Wholly undecided. And I probably will be for the next year.

I will look at debate performances and endorsements among other things to determine viability and such, while keeping in mind that I want the most progressive President we can get.

The most progressive President we can get. Not necessarily the most progressive candidate. This isn’t to say I think the most electable candidate against Trump will be the one that runs to the center; rather, the one who best articulates and sells progressive policy positions to disaffected “Obama-Trump” voters. The best candidate will not necessarily be the most centrist nor the most progressive, but the most convincing. 

This being said, I am open to voting for someone, in crowded primary no less, who isn’t lock-step aligned with my views on every position. There is a reasonable case to be made for electing the most progressive candidates to the House and the Senate to draft legislation that we want, and to elect a President who won’t veto it.

For the next few weeks, I will make cases for three or four different candidates I am considering supporting for the 2020 primary. I’ll make it no secret once I do make my decision. For now, though, all I ask is this:

Can we please, please make this primary about the issues. Fantasy as it may be, I hope this primary brings out the best in all the candidates and that we have an earnest discussion and debate on policies and how to implement them. NOT tearing each other apart. NOT making Trump’s job easier. NOT providing Trump with far more clever schoolyard insults than the ones he comes up with himself.

I will support the nominee, even if it’s my least favorite Democratic candidate.

I will support that nominee 200%.


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